Opinometre Institute conducts studies of satisfaction and quality evaluation of a product or service from an integrated perspective: management overall quality and continuous improvement.

The main aim of satisfaction surveys is, knowing loyalty factors of existing customers and attracting potential customers:

  • Knowledge of the quality of service perceived by customers.
  • Determination of attributes that customers consider important.
  • The relationship between the variables that determine satisfaction to set priorities for action. Detection of high points and areas to improve the service or organisation.

Overall customer satisfaction index (CSI)

Institute Opinometre carries out surveys of customer satisfaction/user incorporating different methodologies for collecting available information( phone, in person, on line) depending on the specific product /services and evaluate the types of clients. The goal is to get index to measure continuously, satisfaction levels of consumers and users and to determine the levels of Perceived Quality (image, price and service) and commitment (loyalty and prescription).

Our method for assessing the overall quality is constructed from two basic aspects:

  • Perceived quality( IQP): according to the SERVQUAL model that defines the quality of service received from two areas:
    1. Perception of the different aspects that define the service.
    2. Consumer expectations regarding the different aspects that define the service.
  • Level of commitment: includes the variables of fidelity( tentative intention to drop or continue shopping or using the service) and prescription( recommendation of the product and /or service potential customers)

Quality municipal indicators (QMI)

The aim is to have a common set of indicators, measurable goals and to measure the satisfaction and impact of a particular municipal service for comparative

The calculation of the indicators is done from two types of data:

  • Own data supplied by managers of services.
  • Survey data: data obtained from surveys conducted by the Institute Opinometre users /customers.

The results allow making a full diagnosis on the efficient management of municipal services.

This evaluation system can be applied to municipal services: nurseries, sports, social services, local police, street cleaning, waste…

  • Overall quality objective index (QOI):
    This indicator allows to determine the quality of service offered by a company, organisation or sector and identify gaps in service provision from an objective perspective( measuring and quantifying facts) and compared( using the same evaluation criteria to all businesses, stores, offices tested).
  • Quality academic index (QAI):
    This indicator is especially created to evaluate the quality of services provided by schools, companies and institutions that offer training courses.