Studies of health: all types of qualitative and quantitative studies related to the fields of medical and pharmaceutical industry. Opinometre Institute carries out:

  • Health surveys in the population.
  • Satisfaction surveys of public and private health users.
  • Surveys for prioritization, evaluation and contingent social care and health policy.

The main outstanding studies in this area are:

Future Health Index (FHI) Report
The FHI is an indicator of recent creation, in full methodological development. Opinòmetro has carried out a critical methodological review, both of the construction of the indicator, of the design of the sample and of the results obtained.

The EuroQol Group. EQ-5D-5L, 2017
Research and development of knowledge and tools to measure the state of health. Institut Opinòmetre conducted 500 personal surveys (CAPI) in a sample of individuals.

Emergency Medical Service (SEM), 2017
Carrying out service quality surveys and satisfaction of users of the public health system (PLAENSA), and conducting surveys for the Catalan Health Barometer (CatSalut) in order to know the expectations and values ​​of the citizens of Catalonia regarding the public and private health service.

Cercle de la Sanitat and Gaspar Casal Foundation, 2016-2018
Spanish health in figures. The result of the project is a book that offers a critical comparison of the evolution of the key indicators of the national health system for CCAA and totals in Spain between two moments of time. Prepared from secondary sources (INCLASS and INE, fundamentally) the study reviews more than 100 indicators.

Antares Consulting, 2016
Carrying out the sample design and execution of the fieldwork with 9,000 interviews using the CATI method of the study of the prevalence of inflammatory diseases (IMID) in the Spanish population

Barcelona Health Consortium (CSB), 2014
Technical support from qualitative and quantitative techniques in different Primary Care Centers of Barcelona for the Evaluation Study of the Program: “Population Strategy to Improve the use of medications, status of the knowledge and attitudes about drugs and the pharmacological therapy ”

Public Health Agency (ASPB) 2011
4,000 surveys to know opinion and perception about their health problems, lifestyles, preventive activities and the use of health services.