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Opinometre Institute offers services for market research, public opinion and quality consultancy since 1992. The mission of the Opinometre Institute is to create and facilitate platforms for the generation of quality information, through the use of the most advanced technologies. These 25 years of experience bring us the leadership capacity in the field of market and opinion studies and research in the sectors of transport, healthcare, tourism, entrepreneurship, urban commerce and the electoral field, between others.


Professional service in which every project is led by a consultant who has an in-depth knowledge of the market and meets the customer’s specifications effectively.


Aware of the globalization phenomenon, we have addressed studies with international, personnel and means capable of performing field work and research abroad, either alone or in combination with other entities incorporated.


Flexible customized service geared towards the specific needs of each client.


Objective service bolstered by over 20 years’ experience, in which outsourcing guarantees the client impartial judgment that is free of influence or bias.


Our company is characterized by continuous monitoring of the emergence of new technologies and analysis tools, as well as their adoption and tackling of research challenges that others do not provide.

About us

Opinometre Institute offers services in the field of markets research, public opinion studies and quality consultancy.

It has employed the finest technicians who apply the highest scientific and technical rigour to conduct data collection and subsequent statistical analysis, as well as the data collection to evaluate the organization and management of private and public entities.

Opinometre Institute, founded in 1992, boasts a portfolio of over 200 clients and offers the most innovative techniques in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. The fieldwork is carried out by our own network of experienced interviewers, as well as the means to organize Focus Groups that guarantee the utmost strict confidentiality and efficiency.

  • Mobility studies

    Opinometre Institute has an extensive experience in the realization of all types of mobility surveys and data collection modes and public transport and private transport.

  • Sociological surveys

    Opinometre Institute carries out: Barometer of opinion, Opinion Barometer, Immigration Studies, Sociolinguistic surveys, Studies of rural life and rural population, Surveys of living conditions, Electoral studies…

  • Tourism Studies

    This studies are designed to carry out the monitoring of tourism activity and promote the intelligent management of information and knowledge in order to provide the tourism sector of anticipation and reaction to changes in the environment, providing greater likelihood of success in implementing the strategy, identify opportunities and facilitate changes in corporative culture.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is a tool of information that provides data of the entrepreneurship.

  • Health Studies

    Qualitative and quantitative surveys related with the sanitary system, the medical field and the pharmaceutical industry.

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