Client: Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB):

The Opinometre Institute carried out the fieldwork for the 2011 edition of the Survey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Catalan Population conducted by the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB), the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (IDESCAT), Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and Barcelona Provincial Council.

The survey is a five-year statistical operation integrated into the Annual Programme for Statistical Action.

In the fieldwork, more than 12.000 face-to-face surveys were conducted in households in Catalonia using CAPI methodology:

  • 4.230 surveys on the make-up and characteristics of the households
  • 8.000 interviews with individuals

The survey’s main goal is to have a tool to:

  • Collect and analyze data on income and living conditions of the population of Catalonia and its metropolitan areas (Barcelona, Lerida, Gerona, Manresa and Tarragona-Reus).
  • Observe the evolutionary trends in lifestyles, social structure, social class and social stratification in the territory and to identify the distinctive territorial features.
  • Understand and analyze social groups and their characteristics, identifying the factors that influence the formation of these groups and analyze the types of inequalities that exist between them, as well as the converging or diverging trends observed in their lifestyles.

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